Maybe you’ve thought about finding out more about mindfulness, but then seen that a course you can get to costs between £245 and £350.  If you are getting a good, clinically-trained teacher, this is still good value – but if you haven’t the spare cash, what can you do?

Our courses are subsidised by The ELK-Health Foundation and, in some places in the UK, the NHS. Face-to-face group courses of 8 sessions each lasting 2¼ hours, plus one longer day of practice, never cost more than £95. If you are in the UK, and referred by an NHS doctor, they are free. Please see the article below FREE COURSE ROUTE 1: VIA YOUR DOCTOR. These Face-to-face courses are currently only available in England.

Online courses are free to anyone, anywhere.

Mindfulness courses are available in two forms:

Face-to-face groups

(if you are referred by the UK NHS)

Online groups

(Free to everyone)

ELK-Health courses are different to most others because:

• there is always a qualified talking-therapist or counsellor supervising the course

• and we back up each Face-to-face course with a free online one that runs over the same period – so if you have to miss a session, you can catch up on your computer, tablet or phone – and if, later in the week, you want to go over again what you saw at a group session, you can really easily.

We are currently only able to offer Face-to-face group courses in these areas of England:
  • Essex
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • London
  • Oxfordshire
  • Yorkshire
if this is not convenient for you, you are very welcome to enrol on our online courses.
Not able to arrange a free UK Face-to-face course - you still want to try it - but you can't afford the whole £95?


ELK-Health offers two ways to come on board, absolutely free.

Free Course Route 1: Via your doctor:

Free Course Route 2: Go online!

If you live in the UK you have the legal right to attend a Face-to-face group course of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (everyone calls it MBCT) if you are diagnosed with recurring bouts of depression. This is because MBCT is approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (still known as NICE since it used to be the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) and UK citizens are entitled to all NICE approved drugs and therapies. The course comprises eight sessions of 2¼ hours (usually weekly) with an added 6 hour day between Sessions 6 and 7.

To get a free Face-to-face group mindfulness course, you need to get a referral from your GP, or another NHS doctor you see, and you will need to be able to discuss your recurring depressive bouts with her or him. Once you have a referral, simply use the form on this page.

What if I don’t experience recurring bouts of depression? ELK-Health arranges courses with GPs’ surgeries for specific groups of patients – for example for carers, for people affected by sleep difficulties and people who feel anxious more than they would like. Suggest to your GP surgery that they approach us and we will arrange a course near you if we can.

Another way to get a free place on a mindfulness course is to opt for the online version. These are currently free of charge – though this may change, so book as soon as you can, please. To book an online course, simply use the form on this page.

Many people find the online course as useful and successful as group Face-to-face courses.

It’s important that you finish the online course, though, so we take a €25 / £20 / US$30 deposit from you. When you complete the course, we return this to you. (If you will have difficulty finding €25 / £20 / US$30 please let us know on the contact form section of the page.)

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