Mindfulness Practice Course for Pain or Anxiety (MPC for PorA)

Session 1: Awareness of Self.
Session 2: The Difference between “Pain” – mental and physical – and “Suffering”.
Session 3: Understanding Blocking and Drowning – and Introducing Thoughts are not Facts.
Session 4: Awareness of the Unpleasant and The Exhaustion Funnel.
Session 5: Returning to our Understanding that Thoughts are just Thoughts – not Facts.
Session 6: Circle of Behaviour Change: Kindness to Yourself is the most Unselfish Way to Live.
All-Day Practice together
Session 7: Doing and Being Mode and The Negative Bias of the Brain.
Session 8: Celebrations! The Three Emotional Circles.

ELK-Health’s Mindfulness Practice Course for Pain or Anxiety (MPC for PoA) has been created by clinical practitioners with many decades of working with pain and anxiety.

This course works just as well for people who are experiencing difficulty coping with the pain from an accident, as it does for people who find themselves, often quite suddenly, needing some support because they often become worried about what the future will bring. Anxiety is concern about something that has yet to happen – and the clinicians, coaches and mentors at ELK-Health are experts at helping you see things so differently, that pain and anxiety is within acceptable limits at any time.

The MPC for PoA is a programme from the modern mindfulness movement. As has become the norm with courses like this, and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), which are modelled on the MBSR programme created in the early 1980s at the University of Massachusetts Medical School by Jon Kabat-Zinn, our Pain or Anxiety course consists of 8 sessions lasting just over 2 hours (usually over 8 weeks, and never less than 6) plus a 6 hour “All-Day” where everyone in the group has a special day learning a little more about being kind to themselves.

It is important to note that the mindfulness courses that you hear most about – because they have accreditation with the British NHS and many health providers around the world – are all in this “8+All-Day” format. We do not believe that the way to learn mindfulness is via the one or two day courses commonly offered – though short tasters of an hour or so, to enable you to give mindfulness a try so you can see whether an 8+All-Day is for you, are well worth a visit.

Current understanding of this course shows that you are likely to benefit from it:

If you have a condition which causes you to experience levels of physical pain that you would like support with
If you have more stress than you like in your life
If you have recently experienced a bereavement – and we can all feel bereaved even if no-one has actually died
If you have emotional pain that you would like support with
If you have mood swings
If you have been looking after someone with any of these conditions
If you often have a feeling of anxiety about the future
If you have difficulties with getting the sleep you need

There is some evidence, but further research is needed, that MBSR is useful for maintaining low blood pressure and fibromyalgia.

The ELK-Health Mindfulness practice Course for Pain or Anxiety is based on ancient Buddhist practice but is, in no way, religious in content. This course is one of several described as secular, clinical mindfulness and is suitable for people of any religion, or those who choose to have no religion.

If you experience depression, particularly bouts that recur quite often, you may achieve better results by taking an MBCT course, but if one isn’t convenient to you, please join this programme as all ELK-Health mindfulness courses give you access to qualified talking therapists. You can click or press here to return to the courses currently being offered by ELK-Health.