face of stoneAt ELK-Health we treat each person we see as an individual whose life-history and current circumstances need to be taken into account. We know that people are able to cope with life’s challenges better, if the people supporting them consider, and work with, both the physical and the emotional parts of the difficulty.

So we help people to cope with the simple, universal truth that some things can be changed and improved, and some can’t. And we support people learning the difference between acceptance and acknowledgement.

An example is our clinicians’ work with people affected by long-term, life-risking illnesses such as cancer or heart disease undergoing challenging treatments. We support our clients and patients through treatment whether it is successful or not. We do not limit our programme of support to one outcome – but to all. As with every clinical programme we create, we equip you to cope with whatever life throws at you.

So, for example, we work with people who need help with the emotional side of a stretch of intensive treatment (like chemotherapy) but we also work with people at the end of their life, and do so just as devotedly, and just as effectively.

This ability to work with action and acceptance helps in many other ways too. We support people who face disappointment with work, a relationship or many other life-events, by teaching them to cope with each moment, whatever happens.