Emotional-wellbeing is about taking steps in our lives that will make us happier, rather than simply guessing what’ll make us happy and striving for that.

For example, most of us know that being super-rich wouldn’t make us happy 24/7, yet being unable to afford essentials, like rent or food or the mortgage or a holiday) makes us anxious. We also know that being anxious makes us unhappy.

Most of us spend a lot of time trying to avoid things we see as “bad” – often unsuccessfully. When we think we’ve failed to avoid things we think of as “bad”, we become unhappy, fed-up, quite often depressed, sometimes despairing.

Emotional-wellbeing is about training ourselves to not spend our lives gambling that things will be “all right” – and then being sad when sometimes, perhaps often, they aren’t right.

Emotional-wellbeing is about being prepared for the simple truth that life is unpredictable, uncertain, very often irrational and, even more often, unfair. And coping with those truths in an entirely new way that makes you resilient, strong and happier.

It’s also about not being lonely, even if we live on our own. And there are some people who make good people unhappy and think that is acceptable. So Emotional-wellbeing is about coping with that too. ELK-Health runs courses for bullies and other people who feel uncomfortable with the way they treat their colleagues and acquaintances.

In England and Scotland, there is a campaign to join. It’s called EwLEA (and it rhymes with Julie) EwLEA stands for Emotional-wellbeing: Local, Easy-to-access, Affordable. Joining it is free. Yet you being in it will make a huge difference.