We all know this: Getting our size and weight right isn’t rocket science. All we need to do is to bring lots of our attention to what we are consuming, and quite a lot of it to how much energy we’re expending. If we do that, we almost always become smaller and lighter. So far, so easy.
Then we get to the end of the diet and, in the vast majority of cases, we get bigger and heavier – often bigger and heavier than we were to start with.

So diets and most programmes work really well for a while, then don’t. What’s needed is a different type of programme. One that reduces your size, and then keeps it down for good. And we mean for good.

What would that programme look like? Let’s start with whether it would be the same programme for everyone, or individually designed for each individual.

Well, we all know, don’t we, that there are some people who can eat whatever they like, and yet don’t increase their girth by a millimetre, or their weight by a gram. And there are others, like me, who only needs to nibble at the odd cashew nut, or eat half a Kit-Kat finger with our morning tea, and our waistbands feel like some instrument of medieval torture for the rest of the day and, at the end of it I, at least, find myself undressing in the dark to avoid having nightmares about the Invasion of the Flabby Monsters. I know that the truth is that we’re all different – and generally I think that’s great – but not when I’m trying to downsize my body, as I am now. Then it’s not at all great. It’s just unfair.
Then there’s this: Like we’ve agreed, getting our size and weight right isn’t rocket science. Most diet programmes bang on a lot about nutrition and ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ foods – and eating properly is definitely important – but, for most of us, not understanding about food isn’t the reason we lose size and weight and then put it all back on – and some more. That’s about something else.
What it’s about is what each of us uses food for. Some of us use it as a reward, some as a sort of crutch when we’re going through a difficult time, some as a comfort, some as a sort of weapon. Some of us have habit problems about food – just think about the people you know who crave chocolate or must eat ‘something sweet’ at the end of a meal. Or simply eat far more at each meal than they ever use to. Often encouraged by the increases in portion sizes that restaurants and supermarkets impose on us.
The thing is that we all treat differently. Because how we treat food is caused by our own personal histories. From what were taught as children, to… Well my addictive food is ice cream – so for me it’s the last time I sat down and eat a whole tub of ice cream. Feel free to insert your on personal habits here!
So it’s like this. When it comes to size and weight, everyone’s body works differently – so our metabolism are wildly diverse – and everyone’s mind works differently. Let’s just think about that for a moment. We are completely individual, but we think the solution to being the right size and weight is the same for everyone.
So, for years, a massive industry has bloomed advocating that the ‘right’ answer is something new. It’s just that the new ‘right’ answer only works for some people. Actually very few. Because although the new answer helps quite a lot of people drop size and weight, it all goes back on again. And more.
So the answer to whether a programme that supported you in keeping your size and eight down for good would be the same programme for everyone, or individually designed for each individual is… It has to be individually designed for you. For sure.

Co-founder Tadhg Ó Séaghdha writes for people like him; people who have dieted, reduced their size and weight, and then put it all back on – and some more!