The Packdrill Clinic

The Packdrill Clinic was run by Canadian, French and Irish mental wellbeing professionals in Northern Ireland and in the border counties of the Republic between 1999 and 2002. It was unusual, at [...]

How do I start with Mindfulness?

Here, at ELK-Health, we firmly believe that unless the reason for your interest in mindfulness is primarily about Buddhism, then there is one way to begin your journey into becoming mindful that [...]

Cognitive Efficiency

Cognitive efficiency is simply a rather grand way of saying ‘our ability to think things out effectively’. Our cognitive efficiency is affected by two things: 1. Our ability to think [...]


Emotional-wellbeing is about taking steps in our lives that will make us happier, rather than simply guessing what’ll make us happy and striving for that. For example, most of us know that [...]

Action or acceptance

At ELK-Health we treat each person we see as an individual whose life-history and current circumstances need to be taken into account. We know that people are able to cope with life’s [...]

Buddhist movements outside Asia

Buddhist movements outside Asia form two categories: firstly there are the Buddhist traditions brought by immigrant Asians leaving their home countries to live and work abroad. These can be [...]