At ELK-Health, we believe that

prevention is better than cure.

It sounds very commendable, doesn’t it? ELK-Health, a not-for-profit healthcare provider, wanting to help you to be healthy with preventative programmes, as well as clinics.

But what, exactly, makes what we’re doing so different? And what does including one or two prevention courses in your health plan mean for you?


Taking a few preventative measures isn’t revolutionary! Most of us do something in our lives because we hope it’ll lessen the likelihood of us becoming ill. Maybe we walk when we don’t really fancy walking, or eat a salad when we really feel that we damn well deserve chips – particularly after a day like that!

But our preventative programmes, called 8Ways, are very different.

Importantly, they are run by qualified, insured and registered health professionals.

And they look at what your body chemistry is currently trying to tell you – at the same time as how what you’re thinking at the moment may be affecting you. It’s an amazingly effective combination. And only ELK-Health 8Way programmes do it automatically.

Why have we bothered to create and hone these 8Way preventative courses?

Simply because, in our experience, and certainly in that of the people who come to us, it is better, more effective and much cheaper to advise, support and guide people on how to avoid all sorts of challenges – for example dementia, anxiety, depression, not being the size and weight they want to be – than to wait for them to occur and then have the job of treating them.

Of course, sometimes we don’t get around to taking those preventative measures, so ELK-Health provide two main services:

  • Clinics that treat specific conditions,

and these

  • 8Way programmes which are about improving overall health – in a community, organisation or profession.

We all know that in most countries preventative medicine, care and support attracts much less funding than curative, whilst mental wellbeing is very considerably less well resourced than physical care.

In a Royal Commission report, Lord Nigel Crisp, a former Chief Executive of the National Health Service in England, stated that people affected by mental health issues should not have to travel further than people with physical illness. For too long, waiting times that would be deemed scandalous for people with, for example, cancers or coronary heart disease, are tolerated for those who need help with their emotional-wellbeing.

The8Way programmes provide expert resources for the least well funded sector of all: Preventative emotional wellbeing programmes – and they should be exactly where they are needed most: Locally.

Either through group meetings, or online with support from local professionals.

All 8Way Programmes are supervised by fully qualified, registered and insured mental health professionals – so if someone taking one of them feels that they need one-to-one advice and support, it is right there, available at once.

Most of the 8Ways currently require you to join a group that physically meets regularly (usually once or twice a week), though the 8Way Size and Weight programme can be undertaken online. However, some people find that attending a local group as well as doing the programme online helps them to achieve their aims more quickly and thoroughly.

8Way Sleep Challenges

As well as improving sleep benefits, which can help directly with anxieties, depression and size and weight challenges, this wellbeing programme is designed to provide an umbrella for other serious health challenges that many people find difficult to confront and report. The important thing is to give challenged people access to local, affordable, highly-qualified support and care through any route they feel comfortable taking. Many people are happy to report they have sleep difficulties, but are less prepared to talk about stress, anxiety, depression, anger or serial unhappiness. By coming to this programme, they get support for all difficulties they are experiencing from trained psychological wellbeing professionals.

8Way Pregnancy Challenges


Many of the most challenging situations we face during a pregnancy become less daunting if detection is early. ELK-Health’s 8Way Pregnancy Challenges programme specialises in providing state-of-the-art biomedical tests – plus, of course, emotional support throughout the whole process.

We work with you to prevent these challenges which occur prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy and after the birth:

Embryo selection at time of transfer

Fractiousness, Hyperactivity and Behavioural Difficulties in babies, children and young adults caused by exposure to stress hormones during pregnancy

Risk evaluation of Ectopic Pregnancy and Spontaneous Abortion

Concerns about the birth

Concerns about coping

Gestational Diabetes or Pre-diabetes occurring during pregnancy or after the birth

Being the carrier of Anaemia due to an inherited genetic condition such as

  • Alpha Thalassemia
  • Beta Thalassemia
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Alpha globin Haemoglobinopathies
  • Beta globin Haemoglobinopathies

Early detection of Pre-eclampsia – a serious condition which causes high blood pressure and, if undetected, can lead to seizures

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) – severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

Turner’s Syndrome – a condition in girls and women normally detected in childhood, we offer pre-natal detection for this condition the symptoms of which are:

  • thick neck tissue
  • swelling of the neck (cystic hygroma)
  • being a small baby
  • heart conditions
  • kidney abnormalities

Trisomies are conditions caused by a person having an extra chromosome

Down’s Syndrome (extra Chromosome 21)

Patau’s Syndrome (extra Chromosome 13)

Edward’s Syndrome (extra Chromosome 18)

We can test for other trisomies as well.

Remember that all ELK-Health testing comes with emotional support from qualified professionals.

8Way Dementia and Memory Challenges

although this programme is primarily designed to reduce the chances of people over 45 experiencing dementia and other severe memory-related challenges in later life, because ELK-Health staff are qualified clinicians, we are able to offer support to people already diagnosed or who are experiencing memory difficulties at the moment. As with the Maximising your Sleep programme, we have designed this course to be pro-active – not just addressing the issue on the cover, memory, but looking out for other difficulties, including what has been described as “the last great social taboo”: acknowledging loneliness.

8Way Health Professionals’ Fatigue and Illness


This is a unique programme designed to simultaneously allow GPs, nurses, therapists, counsellors and other health professionals to be aware of developments in emotional-wellbeing and cognitive efficiency whilst giving them access to completely confidential support for their own health and wellbeing and that of their families and colleagues from our highly experienced teams.

8Way Carers’ Fatigue and Illness

Carers need special support because they have little time to relax and, if they are exhausted or unwell, then the person they care for is also compromised.

The staff at ELK-Health have made people caring for others with long-term health challenges a priority group for their support for over 10 years – striving to make programmes that will give them breaks, empathetic company and peer-understanding that is affordable (often free) and locally accessible easily.

8Way Sudden and Unexpected Mood Changes

We run specialist 8Way programmes, often within organisations, for people who experience more profound and frequent mood changes than they would like.

8Way Unwanted Size

starts with a unique, research-based online course for people who have lost size and weight previously, but have returned to, or increased upon, their original size since.

You can choose either to meet for local group face-to-face support and care whilst together following the internet programme or, instead, to enjoy the programme entirely online anywhere in the world. The programme supports and encourages you however difficult you find making changes – and is forever! There’s free lifelong membership of the ELK-Community at the end of it so, from now on, you will always have a source of help and advice.

8Way Environmental Pollution Diseases

Detect whether you, or children in your care, are being harmed by sulphurous and other pollutants in this unique test developed by ELK-Health biomedical scientists and haematologists at Cambridge University Hospital Trust.

To find out more about any 8Way programme,

please call Peter, in complete confidence on

+44 (0)3000 12 24 36