ELK site icons 72dpi-07We are experts in understanding behaviour in individuals, groups and whole companies. That means we can help you predict the actions of your colleagues, allies, adversaries and competitors.
With our unique knowledge of how body chemistry creates and interacts with moods and emotions, we put hundreds of organisations several steps ahead.

To improve the effectiveness of your colleagues, we work closely with ELK-Performance and ELK-Mentoring – formulating a cohesive plan to make your organisation stronger.

Specialist unit for analysis of driving motivations for:

political professionals
people working in local authorities
people in dispute
managers implementing change in industry.

With guaranteed confidentiality, the best thing is that no-one will know how you did it.

Where is this available? Anywhere – we can travel, or support you using conferencing and learning platforms. Our clients find these to be extremely effective.

To find out how your organisation could be leaner, fitter, wiser and more profitable, in complete confidence, please call

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