We run two main types of services. The 8Way programmes, which you can see listed here, are preventative or educational in purpose (rather than being primarily about ‘treating’ a condition) and are based on local groups but with personal support available.

On the other hand, these ELK-Clinics listed below provide one-to-one and small group care for specific conditions. Soon you’ll be able to access ELK-Clinics online – and there will be a growing number of clinics you can physically visit too.

ELK-Size & Weight Clinics

ELK-Health are innovators and leaders in helping people to be the size and weight they want to be – and in staying that way. That’s because only we simultaneously apply biomedical science and the best possible professional advice and support.

Our Size & Weight department (called “E-SaW” – which simply stands for ELK Size & Weight) has two sections:

E-SaW.Direct – a completely individually-tailored service available anywhere in the world.

E-SaW.Club – group-based permanent size change. In some areas the online group programme is supported by physical meet-ups.

ELK-Repetitive Clinics

ELK-Repetitive, Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviours Clinics

Not all repetitive behaviours are necessarily either obsessive or compulsive – this clinic provides solid support to people who feel tense or uncomfortable, if they don’t carry out certain behaviours, as well as to those who do feel the urge is compulsive, and beyond their control.

ELK-Irritable Bowel Syndrome Clinics

The ELK IBS Clinics offer some of the most comprehensive treatments available anywhere. This is because they take the time and effort necessary to pinpoint the underlying reasons for that particular person’s IBS, and provide bespoke support. As with all the clinics, franchisees can readily call on the advice available through the huge experience of ELK-Health staff.

ELK-Excess-stress Clinics


Stress is a perfectly natural function that helps us to focus our attention on our ancient survival needs – foraging, fighting, fleeing, hiding and maintaining a respected and mutually acceptable position within our own peer groups, so that we can share tasks that need the brains or bodies of more than just ourselves alone. Excess-stress is where complex, long-term problems (the sort that are common in modern living, but were largely unknown to our pre-historic ancestors) expose us to the hormones we produce under pressure for long periods – and frequently. Recurrent exposure to these hormones have a detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of many people in modern life. At ELK-Health we have thousands of hours of experience working with Excess-stress available to every clinician in every franchise.

ELK-Anxiety Clinics

Anxiety is a type of fear relating to things that might happen, but we hope that they won’t. It is entirely understandable that we can feel under pressure about such things, but changes to our hormones, or life-events, can make us particularly susceptible to the unknowns of our individual futures.

ELK-Depression Clinics

ELK-Health, with its unique combination of biomedical scientists, counsellors, psychologists, medical doctors and psychotherapists has been working with people who are experiencing depression for over 15 years. We believe access to support should be local, easy-to-access and affordable. We also think that pharmaceuticals can have an important role in the treatment of depression – but no-one should be palmed off with just drugs. There are courses approved by the NHS to which all UK citizens have a right to access. These programmes can compliment drugs, but they can also quite often be used instead of them, giving the person experiencing depression a chance to avoid the side-effects pharmaceuticals can cause.
ELK-Health believes that the treatment of depression should be tailored to each individual’s unique history and needs wherever and whenever that is possible.

ELK-Unhappiness Clinics

Clinical depression has well-defined symptoms which many serially recurring bouts of sadness do not meet, but they are, nonetheless, debilitating and unnecessary to bear. Access to a good therapist, counsellor or mentor can make all the difference. As is the case with all our clinics, franchisees working with clinical unhappiness do not just have the expertise of their clinical staff – good though we make sure that is – but an enormous body of experience from our staff who know that us sharing our wisdom freely amongst one another means better care for the public.

ELK-Pain Clinics


We believe our pain clinics must be able to assist anyone with either physical or emotional pain. Or, as increasingly happens, with both. The two are much more closely connected than one might think and both affect our bodies and our minds.

ELK-Mortality Clinics

Helping people who come to us with dealing with their own mortality, and that of those they love, is an extraordinary honour that calls for professionalism, strength and, of course, sensitivity, compassion and kindness. ELK-Health staff are trained to deal with a very broad list of issues about the finiteness of our lives, from anxieties and concerns about death itself, through to dealing with the diagnosis of life-shortening conditions in ways that will keep you afloat.

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