ELK site icons 72dpi-04As well as the 8Way programmes, which are about improving overall health rather than treating specific conditions, and the ELK-Clinics which are, of course, about treating very specific difficulties, ELK-Health also sponsors training courses for people who would like to work in the fields of emotional-wellbeing and the way the body and the mind interacts through chemicals.

Working to help people be more psychologically and emotionally fit is an exciting career that is rewarding intellectually, emotionally and financially.

This sponsorship, along with the far-sightedness of colleagues in both well-established and new, built-for-purpose training institutions has created several incredibly exciting ways to gain the very best professional qualifications. They are specifically designed to give you more choice, and to completely avoid periods of training that don’t count towards a professional qualification.

To find out more, please first look at The National Colleges website, and then contact them or us so that you can have your course tailored to exactly what excites and interests you.