The ELK-Health Foundation is staffed and run by health and wellbeing professionals working with biomedical scientists.

All clinics and “8Way” preventative and educational programmes that we run are supervised by a fully qualified, registered and insured healthcare professional experienced at working with changing moods and emotions.

We work with, and offer advice, support and care to, people working in general practice, family medicine, specialist care, hospitals and clinics.

We have a unique understanding of how working in health can challenge your own wellbeing – and how we can, with your help, make you healthier, more efficient and effective and, yes, happier.

We know that confidentiality is paramount. At ELK-Health, everyone you have any kind of exchange with is contractually bound to guard your information. Clinicians are also obligated by their professional bodies.

So why not get in touch with us and join the many health professionals who we support over short-term difficulties and towards longer-term goals.